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Your a psychopath, "I Prefer creative"

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

I’ve heard that many times in my life, not as I’m killing people (I don’t) but from people who just don’t understand me.

Let me introduce myself. My mother didn’t name me DojiStarr, for those of you who understand financial trading charts, you’ll recognise the name.

Things that matter most in my life:

No 2 Wife (No1 doesn’t count)

Our children






I write from a wooden cabin in the Welsh hills, perched on a rocky outcrop on the edge of a forest, the views are stunning, theres no-one around, just me and my mind. A creature of habit, I write on Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays. My wife and I love to sail and I have a fascination of flying. Patterns, numbers and graphics always get my attention, although not the best mathematician. I have a tight inner circle I protect fiercely.

My entry to this world was a long hard process, something I seem to of carried through my entire life. Right place right time, wrong place wrong time, if it happens it happens, if it doesn’t it doesn’t. The death of my Father when I was very young put me on a road I didn’t chose, I didn’t ask for the beatings of my step father nor could I understand why. As I grew I could see he felt threatened by me, not psychically but mentally. At the time I hated my life, now it fuels me, driving me on to learn and chase life. Karma is something I have always believed in, and true to form it bit him in the arse, no longer pinching the air we all breath.

Dr Alfred Miller also had a hard upbringing, with many similarities to myself, in-fact many of the beatings and violent acts are based on what I went through as a child, however I stopped short of glueing people to trees!

No matter what sort of live you’ve had, beatings, knocks, mentally or physically theres a way of using this to better yourself and make a better life for yourself, use it as fuel to drive you forward, whats behind is behind but whats in front you can control.

I find writing allows me to wonder into places I visited as a child, now safe to ponder and think, I add to and expand what I can remember of those years, a therapy of sorts.

The book "The Inosculation” was born many years ago, 37 to be exact, sat in an old oak tree.

I hope you enjoy reading this set of books, Millers far from done..


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